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“Galileo” Terroir TriBeCa Wine Bar

Submitted by Bentel & Bentel Architects/Planners A.I.A.

Client: Terroir TriBeCa (wine bar)

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team

the overall design

Michela Bentel

Bentel & Bentel

the mural

Fuad Khazam

Fuad Khazam


“Galileo” is an open-air street pavilion, designed to include movable louvers that promote airflow and direct your view to your beautiful urban surroundings, sky, and stars, hence the name. The pavilion takes up two parking spots in front of Terroir Wine Bar in TriBeCa. The louvers were to allow for a totally safe and operable environment, different from the many open-air street pavilions that are actually closed environments made of plastic. The louvers are playful, allowing for glimpses of the “wine” mural from the inside, and glimpses of the wine-red interior from the outside. The design is completely modular and reusable, meant to be assembled and then disassembled for storage as needed. The “wine” mural was curated by the architects and was painted on the outside louvers of Galileo. It was conceived of with Terroir’s long time neighborhood patrons in mind, to bring them all back together in a space that combined form and function in an environment that is both organic and safe, liberating and compliant, sustainable and mindful, all of which allows for comfortable and inspired enjoyment of Terroir’s incredible selection of wines.


Our goal was to design a lasting and loved open-air pavilion that delighted people during this pandemic, rather than the temporary shed-like structures that are appearing in the urban streets of our cities.


The process involved an architecture firm (us) + a company of out-of-work Broadway set designers + a talented student artist.

Additional Information

The pavilion has been a huge hit and has helped the wine bar to earn lost money. All photos by Eduard Hueber