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Froebel’s Gifts: Energized Cube

Submitted by Vivien Collens

Client: Kenner Sculpture Garden

Location: New Orleans, LA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Vivien Abrams Collens

Public Art Agent

Michael Manjarris

Manjarris Sculpture


Froebel’s Gifts : Energized Cube was commissioned for the Kenner Sculpture Garden in New Orleans. It is welded aluminum, measures 16' x 4' x 4' .


It is located in Kenner Sculpture Garden on Power Blvd. in Kenner, LA, a suburb of New Orleans.


The prototype was a wood sculpture about 6.' high high made of 12 identical modules. I had a CAD file made of the module and then printed 5" high 3 D prints and assembled them exactly as the sculpture was to be assembled. The CAD file and small model were then sent to the engineer for approval, and then to the fabricator in Corpus Christi.

Additional Information

The sculpture is made of 12 identical welded aluminum modules. The title is an homage to Friedrich Froebel, who invented Kindergarten in Germany in 1838.. He gave children sets of basic forms (cube, sphere , cylinder, beam) to manipulate to enhance their ability to think creatively. As children, Frank Lloyd Wright and Buckminster Fuller both had sets of Froebel's Gifts. This tower of modules made of beams and cubes is a structure embodying the creative process Froebel celebrated. Other works from this series are available on request.