Four Siblings - CODAworx

Four Siblings

Client: anonymous

Location: n/a, Mexico

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Private client


Julian Voss-Andreae


Commission of four monumental busts for a private sculpture park in Mexico. The busts are based on the likeness of the client’s children and each is installed at the center of one quarter of a formal garden.


The formal garden was designed as a tribute to each of the four siblings. Each quarter has its own design and landscaping but follows a unified overall vision. In order to keep with the spirit of the vision, it was essential to capture the essence of each of the four siblings. The chosen 'segmented' design approach, developed by the artist since 2006 and inspired by his graduate research in quantum physics, allows to capture miniscule expressions of fleeting emotions.


Different 3d-scan technologies were employed in order to create high-quality data that was then used as the starting point for the design work.