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Fountain Fog Effects Enchant at Tadoa Ando’s Masterful water feature “Silence”

Submitted by Koolfog Inc.


Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2011

Project Team

Mist System

Koolfog Inc.


Blair Associates


Oak Creative Water Engineering, Ltd


Koolfog fog effects bring elemental movement and essences of natural beauty to Tadao Ando’s water feature “Silence” located in London, UK. Seated outside the Connaught Hotel in the heart of the fashionable Mayfair, this beautiful water installation was commissioned as part of a street improvement and community enhancement project. Tadao’s sculptural piece includes a circular pond enveloping two large trees. The branches are elevated above the granite-edged pool as water gently falls over the precipice and vanishes beneath the stone foundation. In contrast to the pool’s stillness when stationary, clouds of mist are activated to emerge to meet the trees. At once visually calming, “Silence” elegantly draws attention to the simplicity of life rising above the cities bustle as an oasis that provides a welcome distraction for the streets’ high traffic area.


Our Koolfog European representative worked alongside UK architects Blair Associates and Oak Creative Water Engineering, Ltd to provide design assistance and supply for the introduction of the programmed fog effect. Koolfog was instrumental in orchestrating the placement of two custom fog rings artfully hidden beneath the grating at the base of the trees. The fog is designed to operate on a timer that triggers the water vapor effect to release every fifteen minutes at the top of the hour. Built using Koolfog’s remote relay features and Koolfog’s proprietary manufactured special effects fog nozzles, the atomizers release the hazy mist into the environment at 15 second intervals.

As day turns to night, passersby can indulge in the changing time as well as the mood of the water feature. Glass discs below the water’s surface illuminate the evening atmosphere with LED lights. As daytime transitions to night the glow further attracts people to the venue as a mesmerizing attraction for visitors to share in a truly enchanting experience.