Found Treasures - CODAworx

Found Treasures

Submitted by Katz-James Textile Design

Client: Children's Hospital

Location: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team


Gail Katz-James

Art Consultant

Annette Ridenour

Aesthetics, Inc


Brad Buxton

Acme Project Shop


Found Treasures is a 5 foot tall, 6 foot wide wall-mounted artwork made of perforated stainless steel, wire, washers and a variety of small objects like buttons, doll shoes, plastic dinosaurs, and toy cars. It consists of 30 unique squares, measuring one foot by one foot. A 2-inch stainless steel molding around the edges of the piece functions as a frame and edge finish.


This playful work provides many interactive experiences for the children and adults who pass through this elevator lobby. They will enjoy looking at the piece, identifying the small objects within it from up close, as well as the overall quilt-like effect of the whole. Signage alongside the piece invites viewers to "find 2 blue dinosaurs and 1 orange motorcycle", like an I-spy game.


I worked with Aesthetics Inc. to choose suitable materials and presentation for a hospital environment. In addition, interactivity was an important goal of the project.

Additional Information

It serves as wayfinding and distraction in a stressful environment, as well as adding a playful, colorful visual experience.