Fort Houston Mural - CODAworx

Fort Houston Mural

Submitted by Duncan McDaniel

Client: Fort Houston

Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Zach Dunsing

Fort Houston


This project is a mural painted for the communal maker space, Fort Houston, in Nashville, TN. The 12' x 40' mural is painted with acrylic paint markers. Fort Houston is a space that offers space and equipment for artist, makers, and crafters. The facility offers a state of the art wood and metal shops as well as spray booths and various other supporting equipment. The Mural design is multicolored woodgrain aesthetic and a wave pattern that nods to the artisans who work within the walls of the building.


The mural was a process that explores the spontaneity of line and color. I began the process with a single free hand line drawn on the left hand side of the wall. Next to that line I drew another line and so on till I covered most of the wall. Each mistake in the free hand line informs the next one with the same mistake. At the end you get very interesting variances with each mark crating a wave pattern. The shifts in color were modeled after the colors of dusk and dawn in Nashville. The concept behind the mural is an abstract illustration about making unique marks on the word with ones crafts like the men and woman makers inside Fort Houston


Zach Dunsing who was one of the founders of the space worked with me