Forestation Syncopation - CODAworx

Forestation Syncopation

Client: Metropolitan Transportation Authority/Arts & Design

Location: Amherst, MA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $185,000

Project Team

Artistic design and development

Sandy Litchfield

Fabrication of Glass

Franz Mayer of Munich


Glass windows filter colored light into the train station shelters at New Hyde Park on the Long Island Rail Road. This project celebrates the rhythmic flows and interruptions of a passing landscape as seen from a window seat on the train. Syncopation is a musical term that involves a variety of rhythms which are in some way unexpected, and often considered a vital element in holding a musical track together. Forestation is the establishment of forest growth on areas that either had it previously or lacked it naturally. Together, these two concepts describe a continuous landscape that binds and connects the urban town-scape to the tree-lined streets and parks along the railroad. Each window portrays a distinct and enigmatic view – more an impression than a complete scene, as if catching a glimpse of morning sun before work, or the flicker of light through the trees on the way home.


The goals of this commission were to integrate artwork into the train shelters on the waiting platform at the train station for New Hyde Park, NY. The images are conscious of the architectural environment it inhabits, which includes nearby buildings, trees, electric wires, windows and leafy landscapes. Vertical and horizontal elements in the artwork echo and filter the surrounding landscape through a dreamy and colorful lens.