Fordite - CODAworx


Submitted by Carvel Creative

Client: Douglas Coupland

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $650,000

Project Team

Structural Engineering

Zack Andriuk

Anchor Engineering

Crane and Rigging

Jack Davis

Phoenix Truck & Crane


Artist: Douglas Coupland
Location: Burnaby, BC, Canada
Materials: Painted fiberglass, galvanized steel and concrete


The artwork site was a previous location for a automobile manufacturing facility which included paint processing. The artist is commemorating that history of the site through these whimsical pieces that represent 'Fordite', a man made mineral that accumulates in automotive paint booths due to several layers of over-sprayed paint. Fordite can be collected, sculpted and polished to reveal the many layers of paint collected over time, much like rings of a tree.


Carvel creative produced a 3D model of the artwork using zBrush and Rhino to create the forms and eventual moulds. The structural elements we designed in Solidworks. We then CNC cut moulds for fiberglass production and integrated connection points within the moulds. Each individual piece was painstakingly masked and painted for each colour. Some elements were approached wiuth layered paint and a sand-through technique to achieve the layered effect. Our team transported and installed the sculptures on site with no visible fasteners.

Additional Information

We have built a strong relationship with Douglas Coupland and have completed several artworks on his behalf and have several more on the way!