Florida residence wall group in custom colors - CODAworx

Florida residence wall group in custom colors

Submitted by Willsea-O'Brien Glass

Client: private residence

Location: Naples, FL, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $6,500

Project Team


Paul Willsea

Willsea-O'Brien Glass


Carol O'Brien

Willsea-O'Brien Glass


Blown glass wall group for private residence. Custom color palette for their decor. Dimensions of group 12′ across and 4′ top to bottom.


Client wanted something with color and texture and an alternative to a painting.


We met the client at an art fair in Florida and proposed making a custom set of pieces for their wall in a large open floor plan room. Client sent a video of their room and dimensions of wall space for art. Colors were discussed and a group was made and photographed which client approved. Client and artist worked together to install. Installed in one hour.

Additional Information

The color for this work is made in multiple layers of different colors fused together into a solid cylinder then cut into cross sections. Each section is blown into an open form. In effect, a cohesive group of pieces can be created. Each piece can be rotated which allows many possible compositions that have a sense of unity and flowing rhythm in color and shape.