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9 Figures In Motion With A Puck

Submitted by Al Henderson

Client: City of Edmonton Public Art Program

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team

Industry Resource




This is an interior installation consisting of painted marks and wall mounted figures. It is made of a mix of materials, approximately 30 X 30 feet in size. The main elements are created simply by hand painting marks on the wall, and by hard coating high density foam forms created through a digital-traditional sculpted workflow. This began with Zbrush models and ended in messy epoxies.


Figures In Motion is an installation integrated into the space it inhabits. From the beginning design was linked to the space given. This is a new building so the design had to develop along with the architecture as it came into being, both in terms of design and coordination.


This project was created in coordination with the City, it's public art organization, the users and creators of the building (the: developer, GC, architects, venue groups, professional sports team). Collaboration between the artists studio,the fabrication, and the lighting firms was ongoing throughout as well. Design and fabrication was a combination of digital and traditional methods.

Additional Information

To really see these sculptures you would have to move around beneath them, pulling forms out of the dark contours. What you make of their form has to be seen as much by what they are not, the white of the wall, as what they are in themselves. Sticks and marks on the wall continue movements begun with the figures, and they also obscure our perception of what is on offer from a distance. The work is apparently abstract but under scrutiny everything in the work comes to represent something tangible.