Fields of Colour - CODAworx

Fields of Colour

Client: Chinese Government Red Cube

Location: Shenzhen, China

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team


Billy Lee




Fields of Colour, was designed for the outside of the science and childrens’ museum. It is 12 x12 meters by 3m high and made of stainless steel. The LED lights, specially composed music, and jumping water jets are computerized and activated by motion detectors.


The idea is a playful, whimsical and fun area that uses the forms of spinning tops, gyroscopes and scientific instruments with a contemporary technological twist. I like the idea of using both old and new: using traditional or historical objects alongside contemporary digital technology. The sculpture suggests a game welcoming public participation and interaction. The visitors activate the lights and color as they move in and around the sculpture. The sculpture functions in the day as well as at night. Each form is painted with various bands of color, LED lights, and polished stainless steel sections, reflecting the surrounding environment. The concentric rings of light in the floor oscillate in an outward movement, whilst the LED bands in the stainless steel cone forms will light up and down.


This was a project commissioned by the Chinese Government with whom I worked alongside engineers, architects and project managers to create a sculpture incorporating the history of the location as well as to engage the public.