Atlantic Goddess - CODAworx

Atlantic Goddess

Submitted by Erin Lareau

Client: Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

Location: Atlantic City, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Borgata Casino Hotel and Spa

Interior Designer

Douglas Design


Douglas Design commissioned this work of art for the Borgata Casino Hotel and Spa. It was installed at the top of a long ramp. A motorized turntable created a mesmerizing attraction to entertain the the guests as they waited in line to enter the posh nightclub. a 7 foot tall shimmering dazzling Atlantic Goddess. 30,000 crystals multiplied by a dozen facets per crystal creates thousands of points of light. The work is truly mesmerizing the colors and design shapeshifts as it turns, creating fascination.


To provide visual delight, signify glamour and excitement. It was installed at the top of a long ramp where guests waited in line to get into the exclusive nightclub.


The designer from Douglas Design who originally discovered my work had left the firm and another designer was put in charge of this project. She questioned the need for the kinetic aspect, a turntable, until she saw the work in person. After that there was no question that the turntable added crazy value to this installation.

Additional Information

The Borgata commissioned millions in art by Chihuly, Schnabel and other prominent artists. I was thrilled to be included in that company.