Ever Green - CODAworx

Client: Carmel and Associate

Location: Oakland, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $491,000

Project Team


Taraneh Hemami

Fabrication and Installation

Mark Sabatino

Gizmo Art Productions, Inc.


Brett Nelson

Carmel Partners

Art Consultant

Kerri Hurtado

Artsource Consulting



Hand Cast Glass Company

Bullseye Glass


Steel and glass sculpture grounds Oakland skyscraper
“A sculptural tree with tessellated canopies made of mirrored steel and iridescent glass has become an icon at the corner of 13th and Franklin Street in downtown Oakland California.
Ever Green is a public sculpture installed across from the Tribune Tower. It stands in for acres of oak groves in Oakland’s past and its namesake, honoring the native land it is grounded in as well as the many attributes of the oak tree and its parallels with the city of Oakland; an emblem of strength, endurance and survival, oak is seen as a witness to history and changing times, offering shelter and protection, symbolizing knowledge, and wisdom.”

“Using similar material to the building it adorns, the tree invites the passerby under its multiple canopies referencing the coming together of the many diverse communities that claim Oakland as home. The canopies multitude green glass lend their colors to the pavement during the day and are lit all through the night, while their tessellated mirrored surfaces reflect the surrounding buildings, bringing the skies above the newly erected 40-story tower closer to the grounds.”


"Creating a space for engagement; of wonder. A space to gather, to create space, to hold place, reflecting on history of the land, offering a space to ponder the challenging histories. To expand public knowledge: a poetic reflection on the history of place, inviting conversations on displaced landscapes, people in learning from the past and lost histories. To create a sculpture that merges with the architecture of the site seamlessly, built with similar industrial material as the building it adorns. Contribute to the revitalization of downtown Oakland and creating a destination."


Taraneh and Gizmo worked diligently to achieve the right canopy shape going through multiple renditions to represent the city of Oakland symbolic oak tree. Gizmo sourced glass from Portland's Bullseye Studios as well as acrylic while creating all of the digital fabrication files needed for the 1,200 + part sculpture. Gizmo modeled and 3d printed prototypes before water jet cutting and welding the frames and cladding that creates the trunk and canopy. Gizmo water jet cut and fitted all the custom glass pieces, as well as designed and installed the lighting system within the tree's structure.

Additional Information

Gizmo welcomes amazing opportunities to help artists realize their visions outside of their studio's capacity. This project required multiple digital design softwares and tools, as well as employing custom cast pieces integrated into the structure.