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Entre Las Brisas

Submitted by david maldonado

Client: The City of Houston

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team

Project Manager and Support

David Maldonado

Theresa Escobedo

Mayors Office Of Cultural Affairs

James Glassman & Grace Zuniga

Houston Arts Alliance

Project Manager and Support

Elia & Quiles

Up Art Studio

Houston Health Department


A reflection of tapestry and culture, this mural was designed and painted by artist David Maldonado at the Denver Harbor Multis-Service Center in Houston, Tx. This mural was created over multiple exterior surfaces with smooth
plaster/stucco and concrete finishes covering a surface area of approximately 4,265 square feet. Painted with mineral paint to ensure many years of vibrancy and color. This mural was created for the community, not to the community. Along with community gatherings and open table discussions, designs were presented to the locals that rely on this facility and the many resources it offers. Local residents had the opportunity to share their experiences as unique experiences that helped inspired the concept and design of this mural.


Developed with input from the Denver Harbor community, Maldonado’s vision incorporates imagery that symbolizes and reflects the many different resources the Multi-Service Center offers. The narrative for the mural’s composition is one of tapestry and culture, employing imagery from nature to represent regeneration, light, and rebirth. Blue and white motifs harken back to family kitchens across generations and nearby Buffalo Bayou. At the playing field walls the artist created a mix of sports, education, and outdoor leisure activity imagery, including baseball, which is credited for its positive impact on the youth of Denver Harbor.

Additional Information

This mural ties in many different elements based off of the conversations had with local residents. The importance of education, physical activity, gardening and respect for the culture were very important key elements to the composition and spirit of this public work of art.