Engine 32 ½ - CODAworx

Engine 32 ½

Client: Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $90,000

Project Team


Sean Orlando

Engineered Artworks

Public Art Agent

Marcia Iwasaki

Office of Arts & Culture, Seattle


Architecturally-integrated public artwork accompanying the LEED Platinum renovation of West Seattle’s Fire Station 32, this sculpture is based on the hand-carved wooden trucks in Station 32’s historical collection. Fabricated of riveted steel with a dark red/rust patina and yellow ladder accents, with fully operational headlights. Architectural integration was a requirement in the project’s initial RFP and was a consideration throughout the design process. Engineered Artworks worked with city representatives in collaboration with the architectural firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson to select the ideal location and dimensions of the final piece. The sculpture’s vertical location reflects that of the fire station’s tall rectangular hose tower, and its headlights illuminate the station’s public entrance. Fire Station 32 is an award-winning institutional renovation.


Architecturally-integrated public artwork accompanying the renovation of West Seattle’s Fire Station 32.


Through connections facilitated by representatives from Seattle’s Office of Art & Culture and the first responders working out of Fire Station 32, Engineered Artworks was able to meet and discuss the project with community members and retired firefighters from the station. We drew inspiration from a collection of hand-carved wooden fire trucks created for the station by a well-known and loved community member who had lived in the neighborhood for many years. The final piece, titled “Engine 32 ½,” is modeled after the original Engine 32 that Captain Steve Sanislo operated out of this station for many years, a 1924 Seagrave Apparatus.