Submitted by Daniela Todorova


Location: Primorsko, Bulgaria

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $180,000

Project Team

Stained Glass

Daniela Todorova


Todor Todorov


This was a public project in 2006 of EMERALD RESORT. Location is on The Black Sea, Bulgaria and this resort are for a huge number of tourists come to enjoy in the Summer. The customers were Company from Ucraina with Bulgarian architect. We were invited with the sculptor Todor Todorov to create this 4 domes for the interior of the main hotel. The aim was to be shown some exotic ornaments from the Far East, which was the concept of all Resort. The name EMERALD has to be shown through the dominated green colour and also the client wants to be used ornaments from Kahsmirian textile. Constructions of the Domes also have to in the Eastern style, therefore two of them was with more complicated constructions, because was closer to the eyes of visitors and can suggest an idea for Eastern Exotic Rich style of life. Domes have to create a more elegant and warm atmosphere in the main Restaurant, in front of the two lobbies – elevators area and in the swimming pool which was with the plan hexagrams. We have to create the design of metal construction and design and production of stained glass panels. Period to be completed was 1 year from the project to the realization. Many details were not clear from the beginning, but the final results were admired by the client and visitors. This project wan big prize in the competition in Bulgaria fro art in architecture in 2006.

Description: Four stained-glass domes with steel and bronze constructions, hand made painted glasses in the interior of the main hotel in Emerald Resort, Ravda, on the Black Sea, Bulgaria
first dome – d 7.50 / h – 2.20m – situated on the 6.00 m from the floor
second dome – d 5.4 / h 1.6m – situated on the 7.00 m from the floor
third dome – d 3.10 / h 0.90m – situated on the 3.00 m from the floor
fourth dome – d 3.08 / h 0.70m – situated on the 3.00 m from the floor

All of them are collaborative projects with the sculptor Todor Todorov, ARBS, Sofia.


What were the goals for integrating commissioned works of art into this project and how important was this integration to the overall design?
Integration was a major task at the very beginning of the project. The works had to be presented in the conceptual phase, inscribed in the architectural environment and fully subordinated to the concept of an exotic place inspired by the splendor of the Far East. From the first moment began with the study of ornaments and stylistic characteristics of dome forms from Iran, India and Pakistan, where the home of a number of ornaments entered into textiles. This was especially emphasized by the client.
The splendor and variety of colors and shapes characteristic of the East were expected, with the predominantly blue-green colors, golden elements, of both the domes and the stained glass structures dominating. At the same time, each of them had to have its own character in order to emphasize the individuality of the space and to be interesting for contemplation. At the same time, they add lushness and a sense of exquisite style and richness. The scale of the images was also chosen according to the height of each of the domes where they were to be placed. The two smaller domes had additional lighting because of the lack of natural light in these lobbies. These 4 pieces were the pearl of the hotel where we were also tasked with a number of other art elements, but these domes were leading the award.


At the outset, the basic dialogue was with the architect and client between our team, pending the approval of the final execution phase of the projects. There followed a working phase in which Todor Todorov prepared the constructions and I stained glass. All the drawings and spatial models of the domes were ours. The AUTO CAD sketches were provided to the engineer to calculate the weights of the completed facilities and to issue a certificate in order to be able to calculate the material, purchase and start the production of the domes as construction. The stained glass windows were completely in my hands. I commissioned the production of tempered glass in a glass company and made the enlargement and templates for all domes. I then cut them into a plotter company. After receiving the templates and making the glass from a glass company, I started painting them in my studio for 9 months. It was a huge work with very complicated ornaments for very large glasses / this is for the large pieces of the two large domes and of the small glasses. They were all of the varying complexity and had to work 12 hours a day to meet deadlines and be accepted by a client's commission.
First, the large domes were made and then the smaller ones, which was consistent with the overall construction schedule of the site. Installation of the windows and structures was foreseen at the end of the construction with cleaned and finished premises under our supervision - me and Todor Todorov, which was about two weeks stay at the site.

Additional Information

This project won the client award in the annual Building of the Year competition - for public art and art and architecture synthesis This project took the time to realize and the client's desire to achieve maximum results, despite the high value of the project.