Submitted by Sabine Senft

Client: University Health System

Location: San Antonio, TX, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Sabine Senft

Sabine Senft Art

Art Consultant

Allison Hays Lane

Olana Group


RVK Architects



EMBRACE is a 2000 lbs life size limestone and marble sculpture commissioned by the University Health System to honor their late obstetrician Dr Aziz. The design brief was to create a family themed outdoor sculpture. I reduced this theme to the smallest family unit in our community: mother and child. The sculpture serves as a unique, calming focal point that promotes contemplation and can be enjoyed in all seasons with low maintenance requirements.


The goal was to create a nurturing addition to the 10th floor roof garden of the UHS hospital tower. Patients, visitors and staff come here to take a break or have lunch. “Embrace” is a mother and child theme that welcomes, shelters, comforts and encourages all to embrace their family, friends and daily lives.


This piece was made possible through the seamless collaboration of art consultant Allison Hays Lane, the UHS Foundation, RVK architects, Zachry Vaughn Engineering and artist Sabine Senft.

Additional Information

Public Art is about affecting its environment and triggering a response. My public art employs local and international materials to connect the community to the world. In this piece the little gilded vortices symbolize umbilical connection - public belly buttons so to speak, that link patients to staff, staff to the hospital, both to the environment, viewers to art and art to the community.