Ellensburg Downtown - CODAworx

Ellensburg Downtown

Submitted by Jerry Wayne Bement

Client: Ellensburg Downtown Association

Location: Ellensburg, WA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $185,000

Project Team


Ellensburg Downtown Association


Jerry Wayne Bement

J. Dubs Metalwork


Replace years old trash receptacles and flower planters in Historic Downtown Ellensburg Washington. Create benches that recall the planters and receptacles.


In Historic Downtown Ellensburg Washington the Downtown Association took on the task of replacing the aged trash cans and massive concrete flower planters. Starting with the trash receptacles, they ask of bids for a commercial type can. I suggested if that is what they want, why not order them from company a. Or I can design items that will use the historic architecture in the finished product and blend with the town. Each of the 50 trash receptacles has a different image that reflects part of that architecture. The form of the planters and benches are created from elements from the buildings. All three items needed to be built to last, and they are. Heavy plate steel is incorporated into each piece. A total of 50 trash receptacles, 80 flower planters, and 44 benches are included in the project.


The Ellensburg Downtown Association had ideas of what they wanted. We worked together to create the set of items that you see now.