Elementals I, II and III - CODAworx

Elementals I, II and III

Submitted by Ulrich Pakker

Client: Private

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $29,000

Project Team


Ulrich Pakker

R P Art, Inc.


SamPoerna Strategic


The geometry of Elementals reflects Nature, spirituality, strength, and infinity. These stainless steel spheres developed by Ulrich Pakker in his studio over the last few years explore all of these areas. The lines of these spheres grew, originating as a tabletop piece but quickly enlarging into human-size spheres. Ulrich intended for them to fly – from a tree, from a bridge, from the ceiling of a large atrium. Eventually they attracted the eye of several galleries and public exhibitions. The 2012 video, out of focus and inadequate in 2021, was the first time the spheres were allowed to fly as Ulrich had envisioned. Soon after an outdoor exhibit in 2015, the grouping was purchased by an anonymous client in Indonesia.


Unfortunately, the final installation has never been seen and no images of the site have ever been received.


This project came to life first in the imagination of Ulrich and then in his studio as he figured out the process to bring his mind's eye to life.