Elemental Human - CODAworx

Elemental Human

Submitted by Jeff Glode Wise

Client: Grand Rapids Art Museum

Location: Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Jeff Globe Wise


Grand Rapids Art Museum

bronze foundry owner

Tom O'Gorman

Loveland Bronze Services


Polyethnic bronze bust on concrete base. The “Elemental Human” is a depiction of transformative life beyond human experience, humming low wave notes that vibrate into the universe, beaming our imaginations out and into the celestial forever. The sculpture was chosen to be displayed on the grounds of the Grand Rapids Michigan Art Museum as part of the Art Prize 2018 exhibition. The soft curves and intriguing shape of the sculpture are both familiar and unknown, compelling viewers to experience the piece by letting their fingers roam it’s form. The crisp geometry of the base provides a crystaline geometry to counterbalance the liquid flow of the sculpture. The mesh windows in the sculptures base cast shimmering moire patterns and allows viewers to see through the base.


"Elemental Human" has a mythological quality, drawing people closer to hear his tales of wonder and interstellar experience. The rear of the sculpture takes on the form of a chambered nautilus sea shell, establishing the pan species lineage of the sculpture


Working in bronze is a thrilling experience, being an ancient and thoroughly modern process, flowing with molten metal. So many different skills are required to bring the piece to life including welding, mold making and the application of patinas.

Additional Information

Another version of this sculpture has been on long term loan in front of our community Art Center, the Smiley building, which inhabits Durango Colorado's original 1920's yellow brick High School building. The resident Montessori students, yoga practitioners and artists have adopted him as their companion and mystic guide.