Eden - CODAworx

Client: Eiko Ltd.

Location: Lenexa, KS, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Dierk Van Keppel

Rock Cottage Glassworks


Kisha Perrigo

Davidson Architects


Bruce Yarnell


My concept for this project was to provide a design that reflected a “green” renewable company. The globes are arranged like planetary forms. Eden, the original garden, is captured in the patterns of my blown glass forms. The mirrored canopy visually allows the globes to flow into infinity.


Eiko Ltd. is a lamp/lightbulb manufacturer with renewable technology as well as energy conservation as its core philosophy for product design and production. The lighting designer specified cutting edge lighting products into every aspect of the design of the remodel of this corporate headquarters. Both the interior architect and the lighting designer wanted to have art work incorporated into the lighting. I viewed the opportunity to incorporate LED technology into my work as a huge step forward for me personally with my art glass.


I had worked with Bruce Yarnell, the lighting designer, on other projects in the past. Bruce recommended me to Kisha Perrigo the interior architect. At first our meetings were mostly conceptual in nature. We made a lot of sketches and began to narrow in on some concepts that I had been exploring. As our efforts progressed we made several site visits to determine how the design would fit in proportion to a some what limited space. Next we began to trade 3d images to confirm our overall size, spacing and size of the globes to make sure that this fit the space. Finally as I was confident in the design and the costs of the project; both the designer and the architect were indispensable in convincing the owner of the value to the enviroment that the artwork would provide. Especially after he suffered some "sticker shock". Most of all we wanted to provide this multi national company a world class art commission.

Additional Information

I love the material and the process of making glass. However, as I have progressed in my efforts I find that I love the chance to learn from other people along the way. This project afforded me that opportunity. From taking the concept to reality and befriending a new client. The whole experience was fantastic. My hope is that the people who inhabit that space now and in to the future will feel the same way.