Echoes of Basilica - CODAworx

Echoes of Basilica

Submitted by DECOL Media Arts Studio

Client: IBB Heritage

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $130,000

Project Team

Creative Direction, Scenriao and Management

Nebi Cihan Çankaya

DECOL New Media Studio

Lights Hack, Laser choreography, Producer

DECOL New Media Studio

DECOL New Media Studio

Motion graphics

Naos Band

Naos Band

Automation and Technical Artist

Burak Dirgen

DECOL New Media Studio


Emre Erdur

DECOL New Media Surdio


Mahir Polat

Istanbul Municipality

Music Composer

Erdem Tunalı

Erdem Tunalı

Main Composer & SFX

Alican Okan

Tilde Sound Art Studio

Sound Engineer

Sergen Tertemiz



Sarnıcın Yankıları, Echoes Of Basilica DECOL, 2022, Public Art Installation
Echoes of the Basilica, It is a digital experience made by the partnership of Istanbul Department of Cultural Heritage and DECOL.

DECOL Media Arts Collective produced this work as an immersive, Multi-sensory experience using a combination of different technologies.

DECOL invited the audience to the mythological Argos ship from the Bosphorus to the Black Sea, extending from the presented to the Greek Mythology, centering on the common consciousness of this ancient city, it takes you on a healing journey. ‘’Echoes of the Basilica’’, which began with the restoration of the Basilica Cistern, continues with images of city views, city sounds and water technologies from Istanbul. The work that goes back to the city’s past in the Odyssey epic, Argos ship’s journey from the waters of Marmara to the Black Sea, from Byzantium’s legendary water-bringing works to Ottoman waterways, from Medusa’s love affair with Poseidon which is known as the God of the Sea, to the protective talismanic pillars of Istanbul, and it is partnering its visitors with Medusa and Şahmaran’s dance.


The Basilica Cistern in Turkey has recently reopened to visitors after a seven-year restoration project. As part of our efforts to celebrate Istanbul's diverse and ancient history, we aimed to create a journey through the city's consciousness that would serve as a form of psyche therapy based on Jungian principles. Our goal was to offer a healing experience for those who have been impacted by the difficult situations that have occurred in Istanbul over the last 10 years. By utilizing modern technology and cultural heritage, we have created a multi-sensory experience that genuinely immerses visitors in the history and mythology of Istanbul. As visitors explore the cistern, they can learn about the ancient protective talismans of Istanbul and the foundation myths and sacred relics of different religions that have contributed to the city's rich history. We invite visitors to use their imaginations as they explore the cistern's historical walls and columns and the Basilica's waters, creating a memorable experience that celebrates the beauty and wonder of this incredible site by using its own infinite vi perspectives.


We were tasked by the Istanbul Municipality to create an immersive, multi-sensory projection mapping display at the Basilica Cistern. Despite the challenges posed by the venue's dimensions and humidity levels, we incorporated laser systems to enhance the projections and give visitors a sense of the cistern filling up with water. Our team also installed a 32-channel sound system throughout the venue to further immerse visitors in the experience. We meticulously programmed and automated the system to ensure it remained stable for a month. Additionally, with the help of our innovative hacking of architectural lighting, we were able to merge ancient architectural elements into the experience using a choreography of 470 lights. The story, storyboard, and coordination of technologies were all crafted by our team, while the 3D motion graphics sequences were produced by Naos team from Ukraine and the music and arrangements for the spatial sound system were created by Alican Okan and Erdem Tunalı.

Additional Information

The DECOL artists have created an immersive experience that showcases the ancient protective talismans of Istanbul. Through the interaction, visitors can learn about the new protective talismans and witness the restoration of the Basilica. The project also features the foundation myths of Istanbul and the sacred relics from various religions that have shaped the city's history. The experience takes place on the historic walls and columns of the cistern and in the waters of the Basilica, providing a multi-sensory journey that encourages visitors to engage their imaginations. DECOL has truly designed a one-of-a-kind experience that brings history to life.