Earth Elements: Santa Fe - CODAworx

Earth Elements: Santa Fe

Submitted by Andrea Pramuk

Client: Private

Location: Santa Fe, NM, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team

Visual Artist

Andrea Pramuk Art Studio, LLC

Creative Director

Private Client


This suite of original paintings featuring Earth’s elements were commissioned together for this stunning home in Santa Fe, NM.


This collector wanted all of Earth's elements represented in combination with references to places she had travelled, so not only was this project challenging, it was also rewarding. The goal was to create four independent paintings that played off each other and that created an art gallery "feel" in this unique hallway with windows architectural design. The paintings change color at different times of day in the natural light, then again when we switch to artificial light in the evening, so every day is a new experience viewing them.


The collector acted as the creative consultant and supplied me with plenty of reference material. I spent most of the time developing just the right color palette for each element and then I organically allowed each element to determine its own composition. We spent many weeks working very closely together. There are two sizes in order to fit the spaces between the doorways properly: 72"x42" and 72"x36". They are unframed, but the 1.5" edges are painted white. Because the hallway was fairly narrow, photographing the collection was difficult and might be better viewed in the video.