Dragonflies and Poppies - CODAworx

Dragonflies and Poppies

Submitted by Gae Helton

Client: Dayton Metro Library Northmont

Location: Northmont, OH, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $6,800

Project Team


Gae Helton


Dayton Metro Library


Dragonflies and Poppies was created in glass mosaic on plywood with a hard maple edging. The opaque areas of the wings was depicted using iredescent white glass. In contrast to the black grout used on most of the mosaic, a white grout shapes the transparent areas of the wings. The stems were created using smalti glass. The blue art deco border was incorporated into the glass. The greens, reds, and yellows of my design follow the coloring of the inspirational example. The glass ovals mimiced the inspirational piece and added texture.


Artists are invited to propose newly created artworks conceived in response to the two artworks below, held in the DAI’s permanent collection. The inspiration pieces were selected from the results of voting by community members, and particularly patrons of the Northmont Branch, on two favorites of six DAI artworks. Artists may develop a response to one or both artworks. Any aspect can be utilized as source material for the submission (color, material, style, content, context, composition, etc.).
Clara Driscoll (1861-1944) American, Manufactured by Tiffany Studios (1880-1939) American, Dragonfly Lamp, around 1910, Leaded glass and bronze.
The Dragonfly Lamp was one of Tiffany Studios’ most successful works. It’s design, conceived by Clara Driscoll, won a prize at the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris. The lamp epitomizes Tiffany’s Art Nouveau aesthetic of simplified, organic forms and harmonious, vibrant colors.


Dragonflies and Poppies was originally designed for the library sitting room as a 3ft by 5ft piece. The library requested to see a version of the piece to fit the more prominent location in the marketplace. To manage the enormous mosaic, I divided it into 4 pieces, each 3ft x 4ft. It was 8ft x 6 ft total.

Additional Information

This proposal for this project was submitted prior to Covid19's effects on our economy. Covid 19 also impacted the judging and timeline coordinating with the architects causing the work to be manufactured well into the supply chain issues. My wood construction prices doubled and glass prices went up significantly. Supply chain issues also delayed the installation and the finished project sat in storage for 6 months. My current price structure would put this project budget at $11,000.