Double Equus - CODAworx

Double Equus

Client: Colorado State University

Location: Fort Collins, CO, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $140,000

Project Team

Artist/ Designer/ Fabricator

Michael Stutz

Pleasant Line Corporation

Project Manager

Larz Lock

Tetrad property group

Public Art Project manager

Ruth Wilson

Colorado creative Industries


Horses are interactive, emotional signifiers for the hospital. Upon approaching the Johnson Family Equine Hospital, on the Campus of Colorado State University In Fort Collins, visitors are greeted by Double Equus, two 8.5 feet tall Equine busts. The horses are individual personalities connecting with each other and visitors to the site, just as the veterinarians of the hospital are healing and soothing the animals within. They engage with a sense of spectacle and scale, yet stand eye to eye with the viewer, assuming an intimate, non- heroic posture.

Double Equus are playful, emotional, powerful and publicly engaging. The open weaving of the construction is contemporary and yielding, while the use of representational bronze evokes historic classicism. The bust forms have an abstract ability to shift perspective while walking around the sculptures. The participating viewer has space to create their own interpretation of the meaning and emotions of the horses. Evidence of process and craftsmanship are a part of the expression of the work. The horses are woven together to make a whole, metaphorically reflecting human connection to this majestic animal and the role it plays in our lives.


The sculptures are sited at the entrance plaza of the hospital, their foundations set almost flush with the paving, having a slight rise to the base pads, thus meeting ADA requirements. This location best utilizes the natural light of the site’s Western exposure, and is highly visible to passersby and those entering the hospital. The sculptures give an anchoring identity to the Equestrian Hospital.


The artist was involved early in the project timeline to coordinate with the Landscape and Lighting designers. He also worked directly with the Project manager to insure a seamless installation and appropriateness for the site.