Dance Graffiti - CODAworx

Dance Graffiti

Submitted by Anthony Cannarella


Location: Sacramento , CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Dancer and Creator

Anthony Cannarella

Original Photographer

Isabella Velasquez


Dance Graffiti is a project I created aiming to fuse urban art and dance. I’ve always loved the street art aesthetic and I want to bring it into the dance world. Creating an interaction between these two mediums creates a more gritty, yet graceful picture of what dance can be. It brings a little less stuffiness to the dance world and throws it into a new, urban reality. Make sure to check it out on Instagram at @dancegraffiti

-Anthony Cannarella


Collaborating with incredible wall artists is essential to Dance Graffiti. They help create the urban art aesthetic that makes this project.


Discovering beautiful wall art around urban areas and interacting with them through dance photography and videography.
Artists featured here:
Koi Fish mural by- Maren Conrad.
Mandala mural by - Kirileigh Jones.
El Tigre mural by- Alex Forster.

Additional Information

Koi Fish mural by- Maren Conrad Mandala mural by - Kirileigh Jones El Tigre mural by- Alex Forster