Curious? - CODAworx


Submitted by Matt Babcock

Client: private

Location: Redmond, WA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Matt Babcock

Babcock Artworks LLC


Fairfield Residential

Fairfield Residential


A grizzly bear seems to be prying up the corner of its pedestal to see what’s underneath. What’s there is a plaque that reads, “Curious?” Passersby who are themselves curious enough to go see what the bear is looking at will be drawn into the story.

The piece is located outside a new apartment building in a neighborhood of newcomers to the city, state, and country. It’s meant to encourage people to investigate their surroundings and engage with the community.

The apartment building is located on the Bear Creek Trail, not far from Bear Creek.

This method of constructing a sculpture from bent aluminum plates is a great way to make something visually massive that is actually quite lightweight. The bear is extremely strong but weighs only 650 lbs.


The artwork is a public benefit feature provided by the developer and approved by the City's Arts Commission. It is the centerpiece of a small plaza adjacent to the building's main entrance, serving as a wayfinding element and enhancing the project's identity. The sculpture is sited at the end of a neighborhood street. I made it bright colored and visually massive so it can function as a local landmark.


The developer reached out to me directly for a proposal. I presented the design to the Arts Commission, where it was well received. The developer had the concrete base constructed per my design.

Additional Information

powder coated aluminum, completed 2021, 7'H x 10'W x 6'D