Cuctus Flowers - CODAworx

Cuctus Flowers

Submitted by Alla and Milana Borovskaia

Client: Private

Location: Ellicott City, MD, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $36,000

Project Team


Alla Borovskaia


Milana Borovskaia


When we are creating a site-specific sculptural composition “Cactus Flowers” consisting of wall sculptures and many small elements, as well as freestanding sculpture, we were inspired by a blooming cactus.
The composition consists of more than 150 elements and each element reflects our creative vision and interpretation.
Each person looking at the composition “Cactus Flowers” will be able to find their own meaning and inspiration, especially in difficult periods of life, this composition helps to survive difficulties by reminding you that despite difficult environmental conditions, cacti are very stable and hardy, while their flowers have an incredible variety and beauty!”
The process of creating our sculptures is multi-stage and time-consuming. We worked by hand, creating color transitions, shapes, curves from shapeless fibers of natural wool. The sculptures have a very textured and tactile surface, similar to natural suede.


We created a site-specific sculptural composition for the Resident Artists exhibition at the Howard County Center for the Arts, aimed at community building.