Crystals - CODAworx


Client: Hayward's 21st Century Library and Community Learning Center

Location: Hayward, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $82,500

Project Team


Kana Tanaka

Kana Tanaka Art, Inc.

Art Consultant

Beth Jones

Beth Jones Art Consultant


Scott Salge

Noll & Tam Architects

Glass Fabrication

Glow Glass Studio


Inspired by the concept of Net Zero energy building design and the heritage trees in the plaza, the new suspended sculpture holds 1,000 glass crystals, catching ambient light in the 60 ft atrium space in Hayward Public Library.

The detail of the sculpture embraces the historical aspect of the Hayward, CA—Salt industry from the 1850s to 1980s. Salt was once harvested using renewable energy sources: the Sun, and the Archimedes screw pump, which used wind as an energy source. Salt crystals are represented by hot cast glass in this suspended sculpture.


The goal of this suspended sculpture project was to create an inspiring place-making piece that had the theme related to the region and the design to harmonize with the unique contemporary architecture.

One of the technical challenges was to figure out the method of installation to access the ceiling beyond the two grand stairways with glass railing.