Crossroads - CODAworx


Client: Grosvenor Americas

Location: Silver Spring, MD, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

landscape architect

Steve Parker

Parker Rodriguez Inc

project manager

Nihar Shah

Grosvenor Americas


Crossroads serves as an iconic connector of pathways. The 30 ft. tall stainless steel sculpture is a reminder of consequential decision making.


Located in the expanding downtown of Silver Spring, Crossroads crowns a linear path/plaza connecting commercial/residential buildings, restaurants, shopping, residential houses and a large church. The placement of the sculpture within the plaza marks a transitional portal zone for entering and exiting left, right, straight ahead or back again.


Working with the owners, landscape architect and community input, the plaza was designed for regular pedestrian usage with active and passive spaces, and also for larger numbers of congregational flow during church events. Crossroads identifies a place where people choose a direction to go. As a public sculpture it is designed be an iconic identifier of place and also to serve the people by challenging decision making and understanding consequences. I wanted to draw out cognitive awareness of personal decisions and choosing directions in life.

Additional Information

Crossroads is enjoyed by many that traverse the area for purposeful destinations or wandering around. Interestingly the sculpture and image have been adopted by each neighbor as significant to their piece of the equation and seems to belong to all. Crossroads has become an identifier of place and purpose. CROSSROADS A PLACE WE FIND OURSELVES AND CHOOSE TO CONTINUE OR CHOOSE TO TURN A TIME THAT WE KNOW IS COMING - PLANNED OR AN UNAVOIDABLE SURPRISE A PAUSE THE DECISSION COULD BE LIFE CHANGING RODNEY CARROLL 2019