Crescent - CODAworx


Client: Peery Arrillaga

Location: Sunnyvale,, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $95,000

Project Team


Daniel Winterich

Studio Winterich

Art Consultant

Carol Dabb

Carol Dabb, Art Consultant


Huiwen Hsiao



“Crescent” fulfills the city of Sunnyvale requirement for public art within a private development. Located near the street and main entrance to the property, the thirteen foot tall stainless steel and dichroic glass sculpture finds its roots in the shimmer of sunlight off the crescent shaped slough waterways and crystalline salty north shore of Sunnyvale.


The main goal of the commissioned artwork was to create a sculpture that reflects the unique characteristics of the site and its location near the San Francisco Bay. The shape and form of the artwork bears a relationship to the shape of the architecture by coincidence.


After the sculpture was developed in model form, the building owner felt the need to accentuate the importance of the piece and devised a raised landscape area late in the construction phase. The architect, owner, artist and art consultant all participated in selecting the final location of the sculpture.

Additional Information

“Crescent” was derived after looking at the sloughs that wind their way through the former salt ponds at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay and the north edge of the city of Sunnyvale. Unaffected by man-made interventions, the sloughs bracket Sunnyvale's north shore and form a sinuous network of reflective water through the grassy marshlands. Seen from the shore or on water, the curving waterways are a series of linked crescent shaped reflective streams. Rippled surfaces on the sloughs and bay waters host a meditative shimmer of refracted light.