"Crescendo" - CODAworx


Submitted by Cie Hoover

Client: Town of Ridgway

Location: Ridgway , CO, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $22,000

Project Team


Cie Hoover

Cie Creative Co.

Liaison between artist and Town

PARC (Public Art Ridgway Colorado)

PARC (Public Art Ridgway Colorado)

Site location

Town of Ridgway

Town of Ridgway


Wood-based public art is possible! As a Colorado-based artist, one of my mantras in creating public art is how it can be cohesive to the natural world. While I appreciate them, many public art installations in this day and age stand in stark contrast to the natural environment. My goal with wood-based public art is to allow an installation to compliment nature…not detract from it. Such is the case with this installation titled “Crescendo”.

“Crescendo”, installed in the Ridgway, Colorado’s, Athletic Park in 2022, conveys a proverbial climb culminating into a crest. The sculpture aims to portray an uplift both physically and mentally for viewers, and is intended to be abstract and contemplative…beckoning viewers to reflect on it from all angles.

Standing at just over 11ft tall, “Crescendo” is primarily made out of wood, but with a metal support system through the center and at the base for anchoring. This installation showcases wood’s ability to create “organic” looking public art. More specifically, a wood called Accoya is being utilized around the globe for this very purpose. This product, made of a green-friendly, sustainable, fast growing pine, goes through a non-toxic treatment process that has proven to be able to withstand extreme climates such as that of Colorado.


The Town of Ridgway is a very arts driven community. Several other permanent public art installations already reside around the community, and there is a concerted effort to continue Ridgway’s expansion as one of Colorado’s creative districts. Ridgway, situated at the base of the beautiful San Juan Mountains, is also a community immersed in nature. Thus, when it came time for a new public art addition, the Town was very supportive of a wood-based sculpture that would compliment the natural surroundings.


This project was a collective endeavor between myself, the Town of Ridgway, and the nonprofit PARC (Public Art Ridgway Colorado). I initially approached the Town with the concept of doing a sculpture in the Town in early 2021, and conversations began from there. PARC played an integral role in in helping to facilitate Town approvals and determining the exact location for the sculpture. Once the location was determined, the construction portion of the project started at my workshop in Ouray, Colorado. The sculpture was constructed in several pieces, allowing for transpiration, and installed on site.

Additional Information

If you find yourself in Ridgway, Colorado, take some time to stop and see the sculpture in the Ridgway Athletic Park on the south side of town. And, as always, continue to contemplate the beautiful things this world has to offer.