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Creative Hub at Allied’s 1001 Robert-Bourassa

Client: Allied

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2024

Project Team

Multimedia studio

Moment Factory

Moment Factory

Architectural firm




Allied transformed 1001 Robert-Bourassa into a dynamic hub for Montreal’s creative and tech communities. Moment Factory, with Gensler, designed an immersive lobby experience to bring people together. Moment Factory integrated multimedia technology, creating a holistic space with video content, lighting, sound, and reactive projections.

Moment Factory developed a content strategy that evolves daily, monthly, and seasonally, showcasing Montreal’s natural beauty through video capsules. 1001 Robert Bourassa embodies biophilia, connecting humans with nature through natural materials, light, and sound. A 30×20 ft digital display showcases Montreal’s urban parks, with dynamic lighting, spatialized sound, and a lush green wall.


Moment Factory's team was mandated to design, prototype and integrate multimedia technology throughout the lobby in a holistic way, making the space feel alive and connected to the thriving community of users. A multimedia ecosystem of video content, lighting, sound, and reactive projections move in sync, creating a soothing, yet energizing environment.

The transformation of the lobby was inspired by the concept of "Every Day More Alive" – a vision of a thriving environment shaped by the creativity and imagination of a new knowledge community. A vibrant hub where individuals can find inspiration, engage, and forge meaningful relationships within an ever-evolving, experiential milieu. Since December 21 2023, the building’s employees and visitors have been enjoying the lobby, discovering and utilizing its multiple features. Some events have also been hosted onsite, welcoming members of the downtown communities and partners.The newly redesigned lobby can accommodate up to 300 people and is versatile for hosting a variety of events and work engagements meant to foster human interaction.


Allied, owner and operator of distinctive urban workspace in Canada’s major cities, was seeking to transform 1001 Robert-Bourassa into a dynamic hub for Montreal’s knowledge-based organizations. They called on Moment Factory to spearhead a pilot project exploring the possibilities of multimedia to create collaborative gathering spaces. Alongside with architecture and design firm Gensler.