Coverage Series - CODAworx

Coverage Series

Submitted by Lisa Occhipinti

Client: Private Corporate Client

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Private Corporate Client


Book covers from hardbacks are substrates for visual stories in this series of wall mounted assemblages for a financial organization. Preserving each book’s integrity is essential as they are re-formed into bespoke sculptural forms. Titles, worn patina, marginalia, coffee stains and otherwise proof of life are the starting points of new narratives in these otherwise simple color block pieces. Each panel measures 24 x 24”


Book covers were cut, fit and mounted on wood panels that float on the wall. Each piece is a bold color block composition composed of tactile and readable elements that were the right fit for the site, bridging modern forms with historical reference.


Working with an art consulting firm, we established the needs, budget and timeline for the project.