Cougar Pride - CODAworx

Cougar Pride

Client: University of Houston

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $750,000

Project Team


Andrew Vrana, Joe Meppelink, Armando Arteaga



Jim Isermann

Industry Resource

Gate Precast


University of Houston


Artist Jim Isermann’s Cougar Pride is an outdoor public artwork installed at the University of Houston’s new Cougar Stadium. Consisting of a series of eight foot square pre-cast panels forming UH, each of the nineteen panels features and intricate pattern of interlocking U’s and H’s. The design utilizes recycled glass and black onyx in the pre-cast panel work, giving the letters a sparkling appearance in the light.


The design team worked alongside with the University of Houston Campus Art and Facilities on the large outdoor public artwork in order to integrate the piece with the new UH Cougar Stadium. Cougar Pride, placed on the southwest corner of the structure, erects walls and groundwork that greet visitors as they exit from the new rail line extension that runs through the campus.


Cougar Pride’s design team consisted of collaboration between the artist, Jim Isermann, and the project architects, Metalab, who oversaw design optimization, fabrication documentation, and project management of the work. Gate Precast was responsible for the fabrication of the pre-cast panels, developing custom aggregates of the red glass and black obsidian for the main U and H figures in the field.

Additional Information

The lighting concept for the artwork also has incorporated sustainability features. Working with the project architect Metalab, their solar powered lighting product, Ringo, provides overhead lighting for the piece using a stand-alone solar powered system.