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Costarella Projects

Client: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Costarela

Location: Oakland Hills, CA, United States

Completion date: 1997

Artwork budget: $27,500

Project Team


David Anthony


Joseph Costarela

Joseph Costarela Archectiture


I collaborated with the Architect Joseph Costarela and his wife designing interior and exterior sculpted railings and truss’s for their new home in the Oakland Hills above San Francisco Bay.


No maintenance on new home and this included my functional steel art projects too. He also wanted to show the beauty of natural materials like stone wood and steel. The out side of the house was multi colored pigmented stucco. I doubled dipped my exterior rails in zinc and had to be dead on with design measurements and allowances for the zinc and how it all bolted together.


One of the finest designers I ever worked with. He gave me lots of freedom and trusted me. We got the basic ideas for each projects structural needs worked out together and it was so easy because we both enjoyed simple shapes, abstract and representation and natural surfaces.

Additional Information

I was with out a studio at the time and worked in the garage of the house he was building. Worked out great being at the site while designing and fabricating. The drops from the interior railings became part of the exterior railing designs.