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Corporate Gifts/10 year Anniversary

Submitted by Nathans LLC


Client: Seven Main LTD

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $24,000

Project Team


Nathan Sandberg

Nathans LLC


Joe Mus

Glacial Art Glass


Nathans LLC/OnGrade Studio was commissioned to design and fabricate 100 kiln-cast glass boxes for an international client. The boxes were to be gifted to individual businesses in celebration of the clients' 10 year anniversary and were to be constructed of glass canes that had a patterned cross-section. (“Murrine” in the glass world). Some murrine were simple concentric rings while others contained numerals that tied the object to the company's name and existing advertising. The glass boxes were finished with a sandblasted, satin surface inside and out while the rim and bottom of the box were highly polished.


The client was very interested in handmade, low(er) technology manufacturing processes. And studio glass in general. This was their reason for contacting a small studio/individual artist.


The best part of the collaboration process happened when I was able to partner with another, local, glass artist. While both studios specialized in making patterned glass rods/canes sometimes it's best to take advantage of the experiences of others.

Additional Information

Although made by hand from beginning to end, On Grade studio was able to maintain a size/thickness tolerance of 1.5mm across 100 kilnformed objects.