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Corporate Art Collection

Submitted by Trudy Montgomery

Client: Medical Services Management

Location: Orange, Orange County, CA, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Trudy Montgomery

Blue Tangerine Art

Art Consultant

Blue Tangerine Art Advisors


Blue Tangerine Art Advisors was asked to help curate and expand the existing corporate art collection of a medical services management company in Orange, Orange County. Over 50 artworks were needed across two floors including conference rooms, private offices, open plan offices, cubicle areas, corridors as well as 3 kitchens/cafeterias.


100% of the art was commissioned for this project. In order to stretch the budget and allow for an interesting blend of framed and unframed art to complement the existing collection, Blue Tangerine Art commissioned large scale hand-embellished paintings on canvas for conference rooms, the cafeteria and long open wall spaces, and smaller framed giclee prints on paper for private offices. The focus on only 3-4 artists brought cohesion to the collection and consistency across office areas.


We collaborated directly with the client whose passion for art meant she desired close involvement on the selection of artists and individual artworks. With higher levels of client input, we were able to meet the client's aesthetic in a shorter timeframe than typically. This may sound counter intuitive, however, a great working relationship was established in which a strong sense of preferences and prompt feedback allowed for rapid progress. Given the number of artworks required, including some at scale (5' and 6' tall or wide), we quickly settled on a custom-giclee print run working directly with 3-4 artists, coordinating photography, printing and framing of their work according to size and location requirements.

Additional Information

Some of the artwork selected was originally as small as 4 x 6 inches and was reproduced at scale of up to 5'. A strong project vision, great artist relationships and the client's passion for art made this a fun and creative project!