Convergence - CODAworx


Submitted by Ralph Helmick

Client: Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, Denver Courthouse

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $260,000

Project Team

Industry Resource



Industry Resource

Charles Keyes & Katie Schmidt

Martin/Martin Engineering


Ralph Helmick


A jury is at once the strongest and most fragile link in our system of justice. Convergence is inspired by juries, creating a transparent metaphor for how individuals converge to reach a consensus. 56′ high, 18′ diameter; steel.


Transparency was important, as well as inviting a sense of bodily, as well as optical, experience. The sculpture presents a visual vortex at the juror entrance, and is visible from all four floors of the courthouse atrium.


An unusually sympathetic collaboration emerged with Junoworks, the fabricator, and Martin/Martin Engineering, both Denver based firms. We all worked toward making a striking, visually porous, structurally sound artwork.

Additional Information

Each of the components is a multiple of 12 refined outlines of Denver citizens, selected to reflect a cross-section of the city's demographic.