Convergence - CODAworx


Submitted by Studio Chris Fox

Client: Global Switch

Location: Paris, France

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Reid Brewin

Fabrication drawings




Fabrication + installation

Sheetfabs + PWE

Art consultant

Loveart / Amanda Love


Convergence is a site specific sculpture for Global Switch’s Paris Data Centre. It was produced during 2010- 2011 between Sydney, London and Paris.
This is an ambitious project, two years in the making and utilising 370 metres of steel, realised thanks to intelligent modelling software and advanced fabrication techniques. From the Lobby through to the atrium, the sculpture converges above you, coming to ground amongst three quotations embedded into a termination point for the cluster of steel spines that flow above the visitor. Developing out of the building fabric, Convergence is the physical representation of the systems of the building.
The complexity of the data centre is revealed as the nervous system and arteries of the building. The installation condenses the logic of the building and impels it throughout the lobby and atrium spaces. It offers a dynamic and intuitive approach to the space, employing the actual services of the building and transforming its systems into an artwork.


Design and delivery of iconic landmark public artwork for Global Switch’s Paris Data Centre.