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Contemporary Loft

Submitted by Ernesto Santalla

Client: Withheld upon request

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Ernesto M. Santalla AIA, LEED AP

Studio Santalla, Inc.

Interior Designer

Ernesto M. Santalla, AIA LEED AP

Studio Santalla, Inc.


James Solomon AIA LEED AP

Studio Santalla Inc.

Interior Designer

Spencer McNeil

Studio Santalla, Inc.


This apartment was designed for an art collector. As the design process unfolded, works by Philippe Zanolino and Keith Milow were selected to be the primary pieces in the space, which has been kept open and “bare” as the word loft would suggest. The volume of the space and the openness provide the right amount of viewing space for Milow's large scale pieces, whereas Zanolino's pieces, smaller in scale, were grouped.


The goal was to create a seamless integration of art and functionality, such that each is at the service of the other.

To that effect, as architects and interior designers, we understood the design could not overpower the art, and vice versa. Thus, art and function were considered equally, to strike the correct balance of elements.


The client has a personal relationship with both artists and has collected their work for many years. As the design process unfolded, we created computer models that considered options for the placement of art, which ultimately determined the location of commissioned pieces. We all brought our diverse perspectives to the process to arrive at the final design, with a vision towards the future and the acquisition of new artwork.