Conscilience - CODAworx


Submitted by Ann Troutner

Client: University of Houston

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team


Ann Troutner

Bella Equestre LLC


Rainer Schmitt

Derix GlasStudios


Kai-Uwe Bergmann



“Conscilience” (2006) means the unity of knowledge, and is the title of this 10 ft high by 50 ft long, beaded glass wall, commissioned by the University of Houston, Clear Lake, Houston, TX. “Conscilience” is a tour de force, combining art and science with this unique technique, and with the imagery, inviting multiple views, from close up, or from afar on the second story walkway, between the Computer Sciences building and the Student Services building. “Conscilience” emphasizes the mystery of scientific discovery in the universe, with actual light in the glass materials coming to life, with the viewers own motion. The seven life-size figures cut from the clear glass emphasizes our place in space.


The design had to elevate the curiosity inn education and execution of "Conscilience"


Derix GlasStudios is an international German company, who for generations has worked with artists to create their vision of their architectural scale artworks. Although skilled in many glass techniques, Derix GlasStudios had to master the unique laminated beaded glass technique, developed by the artist, who hired Derix GlasStudios to fabricate, ship and install, "Conscilience," a tour de force artwork.

Additional Information

Ann Troutner works independently, and stopped collaboration with paul marioni, in 2007.