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Rivertides: Concentric Conversation

Client: Ginsburg Development Corporation (GDC)

Location: Yonkers, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Eric David Laxman



Martin Ginsburg

Ginsburg Development Corporation


Two abstract stainless steel sculptures, “Concentric Conversation 1& 2”; 84″H x 42″W x 36″D. The sculptures are integrated with Fountains flanking the entrance to River Tides, a Luxury Residential Rental complex that faces the Hudson River near NYC. In the interior Lobby, a large abstract figurative sculpture, “Josephine”, 96″H x 24″W x 24″D,fabricated with Steel, Bronze and Stainless Steel, dominates the high ceilinged space and compliments the interior decor.


The goal of the project was to enhance the exterior and interior environments of a large Residential Apartment Complex. On the exterior, a pair dynamic sculptures were integrated with the designs for two entrance entrance fountains . It was important that the scale and composition would create an inviting and attractive entrance to this luxury residential complex. The materials and composition of "Josephine" were designed to compliment and activate the high ceilinged lobby and elegant finishes of the lobby space.


I was presented with scale drawings of the project and proposed the final design that was selected. First I created a small scale models, and then created proposal drawings showing how all the sculptures would be integrated within the site at the exterior entrance and interior lobby.

Additional Information

The sculptures presented here demonstrate a unique combination of diverse metals and stone: Stainless Steel, Bronze,Steel and Marble, fabricated together directly and juxtaposing the colors and properties of the different materials.