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Community Chain

Submitted by pattie byron studios

Client: West Chester Township

Location: West Chester Township, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $13,000


Community Chain was commissioned by West Chester Township, OH for The Square @ Union Centre. Artist, Pattie Byron created the piece out of stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and concrete. The Square @ Union Centre is a fun, high-energy gathering space located in the heart of West Chester's downtown. The Square is a great place to meet throughout the day for coffee, lunch breaks or after work. A variety of events and gatherings take place on The Square @ Union Centre each year.


The original space was planned with the concept to place a sculpture in mind. The artist was shown the allotted space and worked within the landscape plans specs. The Township wanted a piece that would be a community symbol as well as a gathering space. Artist, Pattie Byron, integrated a tiered sitting area into the base to allow the sculpture to function as a place to meet and gather. In order to address the entire community, the artist chose to present an abstract design that would be inclusive of the diverse individuals as well as the businesses and municipal services that make up the community.


In order to fulfill the vision, the artist collaborated with several entities. The first was the Township Administrator, Director & Trustees. Several rounds of sketches and presentations on the concept took place followed by site visits. To introduce the abstract concept the artist collaborated with the local farmer's market to do outreach. At a booth, during the market, the artist showed sketches and did art making as a way to introduce and invite feedback from the community. The information from the outreached helped refine the end design. To fund the project the Township received grant money from The Community Foundation. A local metal company donated material. Meetings with engineers and a concrete contractor were necessary during the creation of the artwork. To install the work, the artist collaborated with a local business and the reveal party was held at a local restaurant.

Additional Information

The Community Chain is a series of three ovals of varying sizes. The smallest oval represents the individuals of the community. The middle-sized oval represents the small businesses and municipal services of the community and the large oval represents the larger businesses and corporations in the community. A red "thread" runs through the middle of the ovals representing "community". We are all individual links and the common thread that runs through us is community.