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Commissioned Corporate Art Installation: “Wonders”

Submitted by Chin Yuen

Client: Rockland Scientific International Inc.

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Chin Yuen

Chin Yuen Art


Rockland Scientific International Inc.


Rockland Scientific International Inc. (Rockland) commissioned Chin Yuen to design an art piece that will liven up the long hallway in their building. Yuen created an art installation that consists of 14 paintings that traverse the space with colours, movements, and images that express the company identity.


Rockland believe in the importance of displaying art to inject colours and creative spirit in a scientific and business environment. They participate in an art rental program with Chin Yuen, so that they have evolving artworks for their offices all year round. However, for their 60 feet hallway, the thoroughfare to all offices and meeting rooms, they commissioned Yuen to create a permanent installation that would bring energy and visual intrigue to an otherwise empty hallway.


Yuen studied the space and the culture of Rockland, aiming to come up with a concept that reflects the company and solve the problem of a long plane hallway. Since Rockland design and build oceanographic instruments to study turbulence and its impact on the ocean, Yuen offered to create an installation of 14 paintings that traverse the 60’ feet of wall like a wave. The paintings feature abstract interpretations of the ocean and turbulence, including the corporate colours and instruments of the company. As a result, as the staff and visitors walk along the hallway, they are moving along a wave of company colours and themes.

Yuen has also designed the installation with 14 paintings for practical reasons. Rockland is a growing company that might relocate into a larger building in the future. Hence, with 14-moving parts, the artwork offers multiple configurations to suit different spaces. Each painting can be hung vertically or horizontally.