12 Columns of Compositions of 5 - CODAworx

12 Columns of Compositions of 5

Submitted by DeHart Art

Client: Dorsey Hovde Art Design Jan 2010

Location: Wayzata, MN, United States

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Linda DeHart


Christopher Graefe


12 Columns of Compositions of Five works as a vibrant mosaic of colors from a distance in a 92.5” x 30” arrangement of all sixty paintings, as well as a more intimate experience of detail and gesture up close. The present concept mounts the sixty paintings in 12 columns of 5 paintings each, between two panels of clear plexiglass. High-resolution digital scans of the sixty paintings are used in a 12 minute endlessly looping dynamic digital artwork. Designed for an LCD screen behind a reception desk, the installation welcomes people as they enter the room and livens the environment.


This piece captivates viewers on many levels with a thoughtful arrangement of the detailed watercolor paintings with an accompanying digital audiovisual composition in motion created from those paintings.


Linda DeHart, the watercolor artist, worked with Christopher Graefe, digital compositor, to composite the selected watercolors into a captivating digital composition that provides a new way for viewers to experience the artwork.