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Fine art in Motion: The Human Journey

Submitted by DeHart Art

Client: The Village At Waterman Lake

Location: Greenville, RI, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Linda DeHart

Industry Resource

Susan Bayley

Industry Resource

David Schachter

Industry Resource

Liz Collins


Colors In Motion: The Human Journey is an inspirational and meditative 107-minute audio visual program that encompasses a journey through ten healing sojourns, restoring balance and providing a refuge for our minds and souls.


The goal of this project was to bring this healing audiovisual program to the special needs residents in the skilled nursing wing of the Courtyard Building of the Village at Waterman Lake, a multilevel long-term care facility.


Upon viewing the work, the staff of the facility realized its potential value with their residents, and continue use the program. This art form is especially designed to calm people by its slow cadence and beauty, as well as to be used as a directed program to stimulate conversations between the residents. The Human Journey works as a standalone or be used with a program director who can guide residents through their experience.

Additional Information

The Village at Waterman Lake's use of The Human Journey is an example of the new ways healthcare facilities throughout the United States are incorporating this art-in-motion program where healing is most needed. For more information, please visit