Colorado Cascade - CODAworx

Colorado Cascade

Submitted by David Ruth

Client: Private Client

Location: Vail, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

David G Ruth

Glass Sculpture Studio



The design is a series of interlocking textures all taken from nature, both in Antarctica and the Oakland Hills in Northern California. An arrow-like form comes from the upper left corner, and points to the center. The Mural is It is 21½-feet tall and 18½-feet wide in thirty panels and two stories tall. The molds were from my American National Science Foundation, Antarctic Artists and Writers Program grant in 2006 for a project of taking rubber texture molds directly off the glacier ice and rock at Palmer Station, Antarctica.


In 2015, clients came to me with a project for a ski villa in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The project as proposed was for a 7 meter by 7-meter cast glass window with patterns of geology as a theme.

Additional Information

. The whole piece has a time based theme where layers of time sequences play in the light. Standing in front of the window, you can feel the passage of the minutes as the glass patterns refract the moving sun and trees in the wind.