Color Chapel - CODAworx

Color Chapel

Submitted by Lucas Blok

Client: Monterey Museum of Art

Location: Monterey, CA, United States

Completion date: 1999

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Jeffrey Becom


Monterey Museum

Monterey Museum of Art


Lucas Blok


The Color Chapel was part of a museum-wide exhibition of the works of painter Lucas Blok and photographer Jeffrey Becom. The Color Chapel installation was a collaboration by the two artists utilizing an existing gallery in the museum. The gallery measured approximately 20'x60' that was redesigned into to three separate chambers each with its own composition of new architectural elements that control the flow of the audience and the color compositions.


The goal of the piece was to submerge the viewer in a complete environment color exploring their personal responses to discovering an environment completely dedicated to the mercurial aspects of the color experience.


Both artist had known each other for over twenty years and each had separately developed their exploration of color in their own particular medium. The exhibited was curated to present their work and highlight their commonalities. As plans for the exhibition were developed, the artist suggested a collaborative project that coalesced into the Color Chapel. The artist design the architectural changes to the gallery and developed the color design accordingly. Museum staff built the architectural elements and the artists painting all aspect of the piece.