Submitted by Rana Abboud


Location: SYDNEY, Australia

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Rana Abboud



CLAPICONIA was an interactive sound and light installation commissioned by Destination NSW for VIVID Light 2014. It was installed in the Suez Canal in The Rocks, Sydney, from May 23 – June 9 2014.


This artwork helped bring to life a little-known passageway in central Sydney. The design softly illuminated the heritage walls of the Suez Canal, and pulled passers-by into the narrow alley from the major arterial road of George Street. Conceptually, CLAPICONIA was inspired by the Heliconia pendula plant – a native of the tropical Americas and Pacific Islands. The installation’s stylised interpretation consisted of flat, triangular aluminium panels reflecting the brightly lit stamen inside - recalling the festive colours of percussion castanets. The flat panels were joined together to form ‘pods,’ whose malleable edges allowed the flowers to fold open and snap shut during their ‘performance’. Solenoids enabled the stylised pods to snap shut in response to a clapping audience below.


The work was designed, manufactured, and installed by Sydney-based architects Rana Abboud & Ewen Wright. Rana was the key designer for the work, with Ewen providing all technical and manufacturing input.

Additional Information

CLAPICONIA won a Lighting Award from the 'Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand' in 2015.